Value Matching is the future of Value Selling

Syft AI streamlines B2B sales by automating top-of-funnel activities, intelligently matching sellers with prospects who need their solutions, and enhancing value selling efforts with an automated value hypothesis.

Prioritize Value Matches

Autonomous prioritization of value matched accounts across territories based on hyperfocused data. Use company data, real world event data, and custom fields to prioritize targets.

Value Hypothesis Automation

Syft enables sellers to approach their prospects with a perspective on challenges the prospect might be facing and how they can add value, or what we call the "value hypothesis."

Territory Organization, Planning, and Collaboration

Organize territory by lists based on similarity for personalized engagement. Collaborate on workspaces with account team and eliminate spreadsheets.

Value Sequence Generation

Create bulk value content to targets with similar activity to enhance personalization.
Operationalize  campaigns in an engagement platform of choice with the relevant contacts and value messaging.

Sales Enablement

Syft's Value Matrix enables the user to have access to the appropriate value messaging tailored for each scenario at their point of prospecting.

Hyperfocused Data

Al based collection, filtering, and focusing of territory data including company, contact, and real world event data. Only the most important data is surfaced, eliminating the noise.

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Focus on value matches

The overwhelming amount of data across accounts in territories is not helpful and leads to data fatigue. Syft collects, filters and focuses sales teams on value matched targets with problems they can solve.

Plan to win as a team

Segment your targets by similiarity to enable personalized outreach. Break down barriers to collaboration with a centralized workspace for account team communication and territory management.

Lead with Value

Syft automates value creation based on the specific problem events at scale. This "value thesis" guides users in creating impactful interactions with the right audience.

Our Story

Our founders recognized a dramatic transformation in B2B sales. Many sellers were and are unable to leverage sales tools as a result of the excessive volumes of data spread across multiple, unconnected applications. Thus, we set out to develop an integrated value matching journey that would provide an enriched experience and generate more qualified pipeline with a higher conversion rate.

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