From Seller to Trusted Advisor: Transforming Discovery with the Value Hypothesis

(~1 min read) This article introduces the "Value Thesis," a dynamic document that consolidates publicly available information about a prospect's potential challenges and the unique value a seller can provide. It transforms the traditional discovery process in B2B sales, positioning the salesperson as a trusted advisor and fostering a collaborative approach to problem-solving.

April 18, 2024

Transforming Discovery with the Value Hypothesis

In B2B sales, value-based selling is common, but traditional discovery methods are outdated. The initial "discovery call" often involves repetitive questioning to uncover pain points, a process that could be streamlined with pre-call research. However, this research is time-consuming, with key insights hidden in various sources like 10k reports, job postings, news articles, blogs, and podcasts. This redundancy of discovery questions is multiplied across many vendors which can frustrate prospects, making them less likely to share valuable insights if they lack trust in the vendor based on their first impression.

Enter the “Value Thesis.” It is a “1-pager” with the seller’s perspective on the value they can add to their prospects’ existing journey. It is more than just a document; it's a testament to the salesperson's understanding of the prospect's needs and path to a successful engagement. It positions the salesperson as a trusted advisor, demonstrating that they've done their homework. This approach shifts the dynamic from the traditional buyer versus seller to a more collaborative buyer and seller versus the problem.

Once scattered and hard to find, this publicly available information is consolidated into a dynamic document, automated by Syft AI. The “Value Hypothesis” identifies potential challenges the prospect may face based on their activities found by Syft and outlines the unique value the seller's solution can provide to address these issues. This document is not static; it allows the buyer to contribute their "inside scoop," enhancing the original value Hypothesis into a comprehensive guide for the executive buyer.

So, which sales experience would you prefer? The outdated, repetitive questioning, or a tailored, collaborative approach that starts with a comprehensive understanding of the prospects’ needs? I know which our prospects would prefer. The “ValueHypothesis” is set to redefine discovery in B2B sales.

Contributed by:
Zach Wright

Co-founder & CRO

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