Syft AI partners with

Direct Integration between Syft AI and allows sellers to revolutionize their personalized sales messaging efforts at scale.

April 18, 2024 users can now find Syft in the Outreach Marketplace

Syft AI, the SaaS platform for value-selling and sales intelligence, announced its partnership with, a pioneer in Sales Execution Platforms. This collaboration promises to redefine how companies approach value-selling, offering unparalleled personalization at scale with value-matched accounts, which translates to higher open and reply rates for their sales and marketing campaigns.

Syft AI Unleashing the Combined Power

By pairing Syft's AI-driven value-selling automation with's comprehensive sales execution platform, companies can now experience a seamless integration that allows them to prioritize accounts with a value match and intelligently group those accounts by similarity. They can also automate sequence creation and add contacts directly from Syft into Outreach. This combined power allows for efficiently scaled value-selling strategies, exponentially boosting engagement and conversion rates.

Syft AI is driving the evolution from value-selling to Value Matching

Overcoming Technological Silos: With Syft, gone are the days of disjointed sales technology. Consolidating essential tools and data streamlines the value-selling process, making every step more efficient and effective.

Automating Personalized Value-based Messaging: Even in a world with advanced AI tools, truly personalized value messaging remains elusive and sounds robotic. Syft's generative AI understands the intricate nuances of problem events, enabling it to automate value messaging tailored to every prospect's unique situation.

A Future Defined by Efficiency and Scalability

This partnership presents an exciting opportunity for companies worldwide, providing them with the tools and technologies they've always wanted but never had. It's about efficiency. It's about scalability. But most importantly, it's about delivering tangible results through Syft’s ability to ensure accurate and timely interactions.

“We’re excited to partner with Syft AI, a pioneer in value-selling automation. Syft's AI-driven value-selling automation combined with Outreach’s Sales Execution Platform empowers our customers to intelligently prioritize and engage accounts,  resulting in a more personalized, effective, and efficient sales process,” said Phillip Friedman, Global Head of Partner & Ecosystem at Outreach. “This integration exemplifies our commitment to working closely with strategic ecosystem partners to deliver the most comprehensive, seamless sales workflows for our customers.”

About Syft AI:

Syft AI is a leading SaaS platform focused on automating and scaling value-selling for companies worldwide. By leveraging a single system approach and generative AI, Syft drives efficiency in sales processes, guiding teams from account research to personalized messaging at scale. For more information or to request a demo, please visit


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