Value Matching: The Evolution of Value Selling

"Value Matching: The Evolution of Value Selling" is a blog post that discusses the concept of value selling, the importance of creating a value thesis for each prospect, and the challenges of scaling this process. It introduces Syft AI, designed to automate the process of value matching, connecting companies around problem-solution sets at scale. The blog post is written by Lee Rodgers, the co-founder and CEO of Syft AI.

April 18, 2024

Value Matching: The Evolution of Value Selling

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In the world of sales, the most successful professionals share a common trait: a relentless focus on delivering value to their prospects. They understand their prospects' business challenges and craft messages that resonate specifically with them. This approach, known as value selling, requires identifying and communicating your unique value to each prospect. It also involves recognizing when your product isn't a fit and stepping back.

The Value Thesis: The Cornerstone of Value Selling

The cornerstone of value selling is the development of a well-formed value thesis. A value thesis consists of a few things:

  • The problems present at a given prospect that your product can impact.
  • How your solution solves these problems.
  • The value realized by solving the problems.
  • The key contacts affected by these challenges.
  • Case studies from similar current customers who have successfully used your product to solve similar problems.

A value thesis wraps all these into an easily digestible message specific to a prospect. However, the reality of high quotas and limited time makes applying this approach to every prospect challenging. We must scale this process efficiently across multiple accounts to meet our targets.

The cornerstone of value selling is the development of a well-formed value thesis.

Scaling the Value Thesis: A Challenge

Scaling the value thesis involves grouping accounts so that many companies fit a common value thesis. This process includes understanding the indicators of the problems your target prospects have, finding the companies with these indicators, identifying the group of contacts that care about this problem, creating a value thesis for each account, and personalizing the value thesis for each prospect company and each contact.

However, this process can be complex and time-consuming, typically so much so that it is abandoned for the "spray and pray" method - indiscriminately sending vast quantities of emails, hoping to achieve unrealistic quotas. This approach can create an adversarial relationship between buyers and sellers, as both sides struggle to determine whether their interactions are genuinely mutually beneficial.

Value Matching: A Solution

The inability to effectively build a value thesis for prospects at scale led us to make Syft. We created Syft to use the core principles of a value thesis to enable Value-Matching. Value-Matching is the automatic connection of two companies around a problem-solution set. Thanks to AI advancements, we can now comprehend the intricate context of potential business problems based on given indicators, analyze a solution, discern the problems it addresses, and understand how it solves them. Given a problem and a solution, Syft AI can reason and create a value-match.

After Syft AI understands the problem, solution, and value relationship, we automatically search for indicators of these problems to find the companies that likely have the business problem. We can then use that understanding to confirm (or reject) that the solution solves the problem. From there, we can dive into the intricacies of the problem and solution to explain the value of the match in detail - the result is the Value Match with the corresponding value thesis.

We then provide the relevant contacts and generate the value messaging. We partner with Outreach to add these contacts and value messaging directly into their platform for engagement.

We do this at scale - for each of our customers, we digest their solutions, understand what problems they can solve, search for indicators of these problems, and provide them Value Matches with a corresponding value thesis. We can create Value Matches for every combination of companies with problems and the corresponding companies with solutions.

My vision for Syft AI is to connect companies around value. I am excited for a world where we help companies partner to solve business problems, and I am excited that we can enable this through value-matching.

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